Farmers Market

Bountiful Farmers Market celebrating its 10th year

Mary Carpenter started the Bountiful Farmers Market in 2000 with four farmers and a smattering of produce.

Now, a decade later, the market has more than 10 farmers, eight food vendors and a whopping 61 crafters — and those were only the sellers on the season’s second week.

“I’ve got a ton more [farmers] coming in,” Carpenter said.

Lettuce, onions, potatoes, melons, beets, spinach, corn, a variety of herbs and more are for sale at the Thursday market, located at 100 East and 100 South above Main Street. It runs from 4 p.m. to dusk.

Other Davis County farmers markets are preparing to open this month. The Clearfield Farmers Market opens Friday. The market in Kaysville is scheduled to open next Thursday, and the one in Syracuse begins July 31.

The produce at the Bountiful market, which during the first year came only from Davis County farmers, now comes from all over Utah. Carpenter works with farmers from Cache County to St. George.

“It [the market] has just grown really fantastic,” Carpenter said.

Her idea to start a farmer’s market in her community was simple. “I love Bountiful and I thought it would be good to have one,” she said.

Syracuse farmer Chad Midgley has been selling produce at the Bountiful Farmers Market since it opened. He was there last week selling 200 different kinds of greens, including broccoli, arugula and spinach.

“It’s really busy,” he said. “We have about 20 people at our stand right now,” he said.

Midgley said he likes the market’s large size, the way vendor tents are configured and the festival atmosphere.


Carpenter estimated up to 750 people attended the market during its opening week this year, and Midgley thought there were about 1,000 shoppers the week after that.


“We were packed for the first night last Thursday more than any other opening night,” Carpenter said.

In other areas of the market last week, Amy Jones played guitar and crafters fashioned their art. Everything from jewelry to furniture to leather goods and handmade quilts were on sale.

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